Website Promotion is a comprehensive work, which aims is to increase the position of the project in the search results to the target users' requests. The main task of site promotion - is to attract to the site more visitors who are interested in your products and / or services. These actions would entail an increase in sales and, in the future, the development of business in general.

Typing in a search engine, the user sees a list of results, formed based on the vast amount of information about the products and services on the web. 95% of the users find the information they need on the first page of the list. If your project is not moved, then surely you will not find your site on the first page of search results, and thus you will be passed by hundreds of potential customers. Even if you have the best conditions among the competitors, you simply will be not found. Website promotion will help you customize your website according to the requirements of search engines and to make so that it can be displayed on the first page of the SERPs.

In promoting the site are the following steps:

1) Analysis of the site. Audit site will help you find an error in the code of page to find out how the project is competitive, and to assess its contents in general.

2) Preparing for promotion. In the second phase there is the correction of errors in the code found in the process of analysis, making up the semantic core of key demands. Making the necessary editing and changing content on the site. Web site promotion is impossible without good texts written on the subject and taking into account searches, but for users.

3) Starting the main work in promoting. We begin with the registration of the project in the panel webmaster Yandex and Google. Then post articles on subject sites, increase the reference mass of the project, record site in the directories that can accelerate promotion.

4) Finishing line. The analysis of results begins after the completion of the main stages of the promotion. On its basis the strategy of further promotion is put forward. We take into account only those methods that have yielded positive results and improve the position of the resource and user loyalty.

Website Promotion - is a long and complicated process, and if someone said that this week will raise your site in the top - do not believe. Proper site promotion usually takes a few months. Do not forget that the Internet is constantly changing. Search engine spiders change their ranking algorithms, resulting in websites that had high positions yesterday, tomorrow may be on the hundredth page. Therefore you should not stop promotion after taking by the project a good position in the search results. Constant work to improve the site for users and for search engines is the ultimate tool for your business success on the Net.