Site usability - it's easy to use your website to all users without exception. The   audit site usability will evaluate, how easy to navigate on the site for visitors, to understand its hidden defects that interfere with the visitor to become a customer. As a result, the number of calls and applications from a site and the number of visitors will increase, and advertising on the web will not be unprofitable.

What questions will the audit usability answer?

  • Why are so many visitors on the site, and practically there are no buyers?
  • Why is the position in search engines rising and sales - no?
  • How easy is to the visitor to find the right products and services on the site?
  • What are the reasons people leave the site and from which specific pages they go?
  • How to change the structure of the site to meet the needs of our clients?
  • How properly work features and services on your website?

What do you get from improving usability of the site?

  • Your site will be more convenient and easier for visitors.
  • Waivers from the site will be reduced - Visitors will be leave the sites less and more perform the action you need.
  • Increase customer loyalty to your resource.
  • Positions in search engines Yandex and Google improve

What do you get from the audit site usability?

  • Report of the entry points to the site, their effectiveness, information on the most important topics.
  • Assessing the site structure and its clarity for users.
  • Optimization of the navigation on the site, increasing its efficiency.
  • Improved interface of the site taking into account queries the target audience.
  • Recommendations to improve content.

In modern conditions of fierce competition in e-commerce, a successful Internet project, and an online store in particular is dependent on ease of use, in other words, the better the performance usability -  the more effective your website will work. Usability audit will give you the opportunity to look at your project through the eyes of users, which can help you to improve it.