Over time, the site owners come up with the idea of the reconstruction project. This process is inevitable, because the market is changing with time, business is growing, etc.

There are a lot of reasons actually, but let's look at some of them:

  1. Site design is outdated. It is common cause of reconstruction site. Changing the image of the company because its old design is not relevant and it does not correspond to market trends.
  2. Poor old functionality and content management system. There are no full-fledged business opportunities by adding new features and increasing the effectiveness. Switching to a different CMS entails other changes in the project.
  3. Bad content on the site. It may be the loss of relevance of text material: either simply stolen or you have borrowed them yourself. Unique content - is an important aspect of modern competition in the network. Without it, all efforts for the promotion can go down the drain, and probably will not give the desired effect.
  4. Site was made by friend or student, which is not professional. Now the business has to grow, and the site is not ready for it. In this case it is necessary to make a reconstruction, and then completely alter your resource.
  5. The site is not designed for easy use by customers. If there is no usability, then the company sooner or later will roll down to the bottom. It does not matter whether you have the most attractive offer and most useful content. It is important whether the user can easily find everything and use to satisfy their needs.
  6. You should also consider the concept of reconstruction of the site as the work on placing the right information in the right place at the site.

Reconstruction of the site is carried out as follows:

  • producing of redesign - it creates a progressive and meets the expectations of the target audience of design.
  • a transition to the new engine, in this case - is SkynarCMS;
  • new and convenient distribution of content that is "everything on the shelves";
  • maximum comfort for users in the form of "smart" interface of the site;
  • unique, unique and once again the unique content of the site;

We are waiting for you here for a complete transformation of your ideas and turning them into perfect the mechanism of interaction with customers.