Why the support of service is necessary?

Technical support for your web project is a complex of measures to provide services, the timely control of the project development. Continuous monitoring of the technical components of the site and its timely filling in of the necessary information are the main aspects of this service.

Taking into account that today's Internet environment is constantly changing it can more or less affect your project. For example, your website has got on the first page in a thematic issue after 4 months of work in promoting. You have got regular orders for products and services of your company. But suddenly the search engine has changed the ranking algorithm of sites, and as a result you would not be able to respond quickly to this and you have lost their positions. As a result, the money spent on promotion is lost, you have no orders, and the company's business is frozen. To not fall into such unpleasant situation, you should use the services of experienced professionals to be supported.

As a rule, there are several main areas that need constant supervision and support:

Information support

The essence of this service is to update the content of the site (articles, photos, videos) constantly. This will give your visitors relevant and complete information about your company. Perhaps your business is not so dynamic and subject to changes, anyway it is necessary to carry out constant maintenance work on updating and improving the content on your website. There is no need to create the users a sense of frozen or abandoned Internet project.

As practice shows that over 70% of users do not trust the projects, which have no changes and news more than a month. In view of this, the importance of support is increasing. In today's Internet environment there are unwritten rules of interaction the company with clients, and if you don’t observe them, you can lose their loyalty.

To make your business successful and profitable, you should show potential customers up to date information about changes in the company's, price cuts, promotions, and other important events. As an example, many companies begin to conduct their own blogs where there is an opportunity to share with customers with something new.

Technical support

This type of support means the solution of problems with code and software. It allows you to respond quickly to changes in search engine algorithms. We should not forget that the technical support includes ongoing analysis of the effectiveness of the site. In turn it allows providing smooth and complete work of site, which generally has a positive impact on your business. As the project progresses, the additional modules can be connected for changing the functionality of the site.

Graphic support

This service will provide your site a permanent care of appearance. Opportunities of graphics support vary according to your wishes and include, as a rule, improving the design, changing the banners and advertising illustrations, creating unique patterns and more.

Your site is supervised 24/7 and we are always ready to help you for the prosperity of your business.