Modern websites it is not just a bunch of pretty pictures and texts , it’s  a complete and functional management  system, where  both the content and all the vital processes of the Internet resource.

As we know, the better established content management system, the more effective will work your Internet project, and the more it will have opportunities  for development.

Content Management System is a set of software modules designed to perform specific tasks and the proper functioning of the site. A tight-knit CMS provides a site owner an opportunity to edit the content and carry out all the changes in the structure and operation of the project, without the participation of qualified developers.

Also, different types of sites has its own modules, without which will not be able to turn the site into an Internet resource capable competitor.

SkynarCMS – it’s not just an ordinary content management system, but the whole platform, which resolved the most problematic aspects of the effectiveness of Internet business. Our system embodies modularity, functionality, interactive interface and advanced technology to build a business into the Internet.

So, SkynarCM- a modern system that is designed for heavy-duty Internet projects: portals, message boards and social networking. It was created in a modular fashion, so, any heavy-duty project could use  necessary  him functionality with minimal server resources. In fact, this means a high speed operation of the site for the customer, reliable and high degree of protection against tampering. Our company work for the e-commerce market  and trying to bring it to a qualitatively new level in the whole world. During development SkynarCMS we took into account only the real problems as the developers and owners of Internet projects and their end-users, which means your visitors and customers.

So,here is our formula for success :

Simple -> Easy to use -> Inexpensive.


The main advantages of SkynarCMS  are the following:

Simplicity and convenience

Our system can manage even a fifth grader! You do not have to learn how  to use it, because the interface is similar to a conventional browser or operating system and all is clear at a first glance.

All that require technical knowledge  will be edited and adjust to your business automatically. No instructions, no textbooks and training seminars. You're not taught how to use the iPhone or Google Chrome?

An example:  You need  people be able to leave comments on your site. You already have the module! All that you need is just to click on "Activate", and a clever system, analyzing the site by itself, already knows,where the location be the most effective and user-friendly resource.

Functionality and efficiency

One of the major advantages of our system is it’s multi-functionality and modularity. System capabilities are limited only by your needs. Such situation  gives sites an opportunity to create customized modules and features on your own platformto compete effectively in all areas . Each module is a mechanism which is intended to benefit your site and business. Connection and disconnection modules produced very simply and quickly - in one click! All of these features give the owner of an online business effectively use the site as a mechanism to achieve these goals.

An example: module delivery "New Mail". You simply press  "activate" and the system launches functional by placing the module in the right place on your own. You just need to attach a document to the letter in  "New Mail" to conclude a contract with them.  And most importantly, all this is happening right in the admin panel of your site!

Safety and reliability

Your site will be protected from the whole  real threats, both inside and outside. Securing your content and personal data is guaranteed. Information about your customers is protected. Burglary protection systems. In addition, we have created for you  a system to back up data in case of improper treatment of the site content. All that you need is just to activate the module and, as usual, just one click "Restore from Backup" return the site to its previous state! Sophisticated security system will not leave you cause for concern. We also take care of the reliability of the system as an integrated mechanism to ensure the smooth operation of the site. Even more, we constantly  provides tests and experiments to eliminate all kinds of technical problems, and the latter, in case of eliminate promptly and free of charge.

Beauty and ease of use

Running on our system sites, put into the rigid framework of modern requirements of users, which initially led us to lay the basis of certain mechanisms adjust the appearance and usability. Our designers and marketers have done a great job in the field of the correct perception of the system design solutions in order to your website attract visitors .

As a result, your projects will not only beautiful, but also useful for your potential customers. SkynarCMS - system to create beautiful websites!

An example: In our system, you can’t use “Flash”. Not because it can’t SkynarCMS, but because it’s an old technology which has been successfully supplanted HTML5 / CSS3. The use of outdated technologies even  if not do you much harm, so and benefits for business development will not bring, because we firmly say "no" to the past and strive forward. Your website should always be ahead.

Promotion and advertising

Creating a system we have carefully analyzed the ranking criteria of search engines and made both,basic and advanced features to optimizing and promoting  the project. You do not have to hire a specialist for promotion, because all that is needed  is to connect our module promotion. Skynar system will help you in promoting online business by itself. What is more, we didn’t forget about the main moving parts of the market - advertising.Also, the system includes modules interconnection with other advertising resources which allow you easily describe business, not only in the Internet.

Upgrading and support

Time does not stand still. Some technology becomes obsolete and out of items all the time. They are replaced by more modern and advanced stuff. This is normal and even good. So, our world is changing for better  and we get all the products comfortable, functional and beautiful. We recognize the importance of the changes which happening every day, and even trying  to be one step ahead, constantly improving SkynarCMS. Because our team is constantly working on the system, improving everything possible - from the imposition of standards to the seemingly insignificant details in the design.SkynarCMS regular updates, invisible to your users and doesn’t require any intervention on your part. And one more thing: they are absolutely free!

Despite all the efforts that we are doing,in order to make SkynarCMS your perfect assistant in the creation of an online business, someone may have technical problems. Or, at least, simply questions the answers to which you don’t find yourself. Do not worry, there is always a way out, and it’s very simple. Guess? Exactly! Just one click and the system will connect you with a support staff , who  will be happy to help you in solving problems at any time of the day, any day of the week. And ... it's also absolutely free!

The list of possibilities SkynarCMS incredibly great and our talk can be long and detailed, but there is an option much better:  just to start to work with it and you will feel all superior. SkynarCMS - system to create beautiful websites. Moreover, we do not just create websites, we create a whole world. Your own world of online business, which will help manage SkynarCMS.