Website Development

The main criterion for evaluating of their own work for studio FeelGoodLabs is the success of each developed Internet-project. And this is achieved only by using the latest technology, thought-out and attractive design, and most importantly, convenient and useful content for users. We work for the customer, but in the interests of the consumer. Our projects are interesting, individual, functional and practical. All of these factors can help your site be memorable, visited and work, ultimately, on you.

The basis of our approach to business is creating effective site management system, which will initially be sharpened by further progress, taking into account all the rules convenient to use.

Website Promotion

Good site - is the one which is known and spoken by all.  And to be easily identified in the Internet, there should be a competent comprehensive job on promoting the Internet-project, what makes it an effective mechanism of sales. Our team creates a search engine optimization strategy for continued growth position of your project in the search results. This eventually will make your website visited and therefore profitable.

Our team is constantly supports your online resource and will be glad to help bring it to the leading position of search results in your industry and keep these positions. We are also working to further increase the conversion.

Sales increase

A set of activities aimed at creating an ideal mechanism for sales in the long run - this is the strategy of growth the profit of the companies. Selling site - is the main and ultimate goal of our business. The effectiveness of our work is measured in conversion on your Internet resource. That means the more visitors make the order, the higher the conversion, and thus your profits.

We will create a simple and effective system of sales on the web.

Web Design

Modern Internet resource embodies the harmony of beauty, simplicity and functionality. To make your site individual and thoughtful in terms of usability (user experience), you should analyze not only the market but also the needs of your target audience. After all, if you know what they like, you will create an interesting corporate identity. The image of your company in the eyes of consumers - this is the essence of creative design.