Search audit or SEO site audit - a full-fledged research that allows you to find all the errors in the texts and in the program code on the site pages, which impedes the progress in the top search engines.

Our team will check the level of compliance of your site's with the requirements of search systems so that all the information placed on the site quickly and fully fall into the search engines. Search audit - this is a very important step for the promotion of the site. Analyzing your business, we will be able to understand the scope of interests and specifics of the industry, as well as the project as a business. Thorough work on content, competition research and user requests will help us give you valuable advice on optimizing your site.

We make the queries assessment of the target audience in search engines and refine its preferences, as well as analyze the keywords for your site. We analyze the site's visibility on important requests, on based which the recommendations and requirements of the texts are compiled that will enhance the position of the website in the SERPs. After analyzing competitors' sites, we will be able to track their activities and look at the position in the search engines. That, in turn, will allow us to build a successful search engine optimization tactics to outstrip competitors with minimal costs.

After analysis of site optimization, that is, SEO site audit, we can note the level of traffic to your site, identify the main sources of traffic of visits, as well as found on which third-party resources have links that lead to the site (called backlinks).

As a result, SEO site audit, we will provide you with a report with a complete and thorough description of the current situation, give recommendations for its improvement and further development of the project. Search audit will allow you to assess the level of competitiveness of your business and determine what investments are necessary for the further promotion of a site in the top search results.