Search engine optimization or website optimization for search engines (SEO), in fact - is a complex event to promote the site to the forefront in the search engines for targeted requests.

The users of your website that will gain a query in search engines, you need the goods, services and / or information from your site. By showing its intentions in a particular search query, hitting to the right page from the search, they are given the opportunity to take some action - that is, to buy a product or use a submission service. Any search engine produces results on proprietary algorithms and rules: at first positions will be those sites that are most suitable for the user's request and meet the requirements of search engines. Taking into account all of the criteria of search algorithm and to fit under them your website, then as a result, the position in the SERP will increase by several times.

The site is optimized accordingly "core demand" (better known in professional circles as "semantic core"). This is a list of effective targeted search queries that clients ask the search engine. The main difference between optimizing a website from the famous advertising methods - is thorough and qualitative analysis of the audience, which makes it possible to reduce the cost to attract customers.

The main goal of our work - is to turn your website into an effective tool that will solve all marketing problems by using search engine optimization. That is, to sell your products or services.

How we do it:

In the process of optimizing a website for search engines should distinguish several stages:

  1. Selection of the specific and precise request: SEO-specialist will analyze all the requests of your target audience and the search engines and select your project the most effective targeted inquiries on the basis of  Yandex and Google. This will optimize your site as good as possible and to attract potential visitors to the resource.
  2. Enhancing the credibility of your site. We place links to your project on the Internet, based on the selected query. This content is originally fully deducted, if necessary - to make the text that would meet the needs of potential buyers. This will improve the position of your site for search engines, which drags along and the growth of visits.
  3. Content advice: we will check how the text and other content on your site correspond to the real requirements of search engine optimization. We'll find out how the site is technically prepared for the successful promotion. After thorough analysis, we will give you advice on possible changes to the site that will make the project more effective promotion.
  4. Competitor Analysis: thorough sites research of your competitors will give us an idea of their actions in the direction of advance, and will allow tracking the position in search engines. All this will help us to make a full tactic to promote your project so that the appearing of the opportunity to bypass all the competitors with the smallest budget.
  5. Thorough analysis of site traffic: analyzing the effectiveness of requests for your site, through which people come to it, we will focus on the most important of these requests. This will turn your website visitors into loyal customers.
  6. Recommendations on promotion to the top: after giving you an analysis of your site, we will be able to give clear and detailed recommendations for the further development of the project to the ongoing success of the Web.