Promo site of the first Ukrainian Forum LifeHackDay

Link to project on: http://lifehackday.co/


In a short time to develop a simple, and at the same time modern, site for the forum LifeHackDay Ukraine, which was held for the firt time in Odessa and was jointly organized by business incubator "I" and Sergei Dovgopolyi. This is - a purely practical event for startupers, investors, and other figures of the IT sector from Ukraine and Europe. The main objective of the site - is to inform the target audience about the event and selling of the tickets via the Internet.


Development of design was carried out by our experts in conjunction with the lead designer of the business incubator "I". Due to the fact that the project had to be hand over in a very short time, but the event suggests the further development of (holding of regular events in the proprietary format in different cities around the world), we have decided to deploy site on SkynarCMS, and temporarily use landing page. Therefore the layout is adaptive.


Over a sufficiently short period of time we have created a simple adaptive site for a unique event. At the same time we've originally laid the necessary foundation for the further development of the project and its completion.