Our company offers you to become a part of future changes in the web industry in Ukraine and neighboring countries!

We invite webmasters, bloggers, designers and freelancers to become our partners. Also you have the opportunity to receive a fee of 5-15% of the cost of each order received from a client you have given. Such amount includes a fee for our services recommending to our friends and customers, who have contacted us and entered into the contract.

We, in turn, are committed to bear a dual responsibility for both, to the customer of certain services, as well as to persons who recommend us. Certainly, all of our relationships are supported by adequate documentation and prescribed in the specifications. This allows our partners (in accordance with your desire) to oversee the working process. Definitely, we’re always honest with our clients and partners and expected the same.

Besides, it should be noted that we offer a money back guarantee, in case of unfair work executions part of the project specification.

Our company is ready to cooperate with independent managers for the development and promotion of our services, which includes a fee for every order and bonus accrual in the form of reward.  We can arrange you as a manager officially, with all the ensuing consequences - in the workbook, and social benefits, in case of your desire and effective work in attracting clients.

We are ready to consider participation in large and interesting Internet projects as a partner, your ideas - our decision. Of course, on mutually beneficial terms.

So, if you have an offer of cooperation, we’re ready to listen and consider as soon as possible.

Call us! Send us email! We are always glad to communicate with you.