Why does logo bring money?

When creating SME entrepreneurs often do not think about a logo or trademark style, considering it unimportant. But this is not true. Logo - this is one of the key elements of corporate identity that can bring profit to its owner if it is correct to use. Of course, this is not a direct return, but rather carries the reduction of advertising budgets in the future. As an example, in the online store a logo makes the first visual impression on visitors.

By means of corporate identity and logo as its components, it is formed awareness of your brand.

Life example: you get an e-mail two commercial proposals: one in plain letters, and the other - in the corporate style of the sender, with the logo and other attributes. Question: And who is more truthful?

How to order a logo design properly?

Logo design - a very important step in the establishment of the project, because it has to be done once, but the quality. It should take advantage of several recommendations when creating the logo:

  1. A logo should be unique and not converted from another company's logo.
  1. The most important thing in the logo - the idea, not the number of drafts to choose from!
  1. When creating a company logo, it should take into account the appropriateness and compliance with your brand, and your produced products.

Our team is ready to offer you a logo design, taking into account all your wishes and all the nuances of your business.