What is the conversion of the site?

It is understood that one of the important objectives of promotion of a site in the top of search results is an increase of the site conversion. Website promotion is a set of actions that lead to increase in the value of your site for search engines. The ultimate goal of any promotion - is to attract the target audience to the site to carry out by it planned activities: shopping, manager call, obtaining information, registration, etc.

The term "conversion" means the percentage of the number of project users that have made the desired effect to the total number of visitors for a certain period of time. In simpler terms the percentage of users who became buyers.

Conversion – is one of the main indicators that distinguish successful website from the average.

Imagine that you have ordered the site in the very famous and expensive web-studio. The result is an amazingly beautiful site which delights you, your partners and employees. Unfortunately, you forgot to take into account the opinion of your customers. The most important thing in e-commerce - the desires and needs of your target audience. Your site must be clear and easy for them, as to personal tastes and preferences - they are secondary.

In fact, to predict in advance the exact value of conversion is not possible. To do this, the specialist should understand the features of the particular area of business, have the knowledge in the field of Internet marketing, understand the psychology of Internet users and know the intricacies of the advertising business. Users often leave the site because of the different kinds of little things, whether flaws in the design or absence of the "Order" in a conspicuous place. Just keep in mind the factors and users stimuli. To make sure your site works at 100%, you need a lot of effort and if it is possible to eliminate all the flaws of the project. Conducting an audit of the site conversion - is a difficult job, so always check the professionalism of the person who is going to do it. Ideally, it will be more correctly to appeal to the serious web studio. And if there are no many means, you have to learn and to do everything yourself. To do this, make a list of specific questions, which answers can determine the site conversion.

What factors influence the increase of conversions?

The first step is to identify the main factors affecting the conversion of a site in one form or another. In fact, these factors are strongly interrelated and integrated. They are difficult to separate from each other, such as the concept of user-friendliness (usability) and the design of the site are so intertwined that many people understand it as a design usability. However, we highlight the following components.

Let's begin with the site design. In fact, this system information visualization on this site. Design is the appearance of the site, its identity and recognition. If the company's face looks like beautiful and friendly, you'll have more chances to earn the loyalty of users. We advise to pay a great attention to the site design. It can be expensive, but it directly affects the conversion of the site, and be sure that your costs will be paid off.

It is possible to find examples of quality design, by searching or browsing the web portfolio of good studios. Well thought out design can greatly increase the conversion site.

Let us examine the concept of content. All things around the site, whether text, photos, videos, music, etc.  -  the site content. Each text material on the site must be informative, readable, attractive design and added by picture or video file .. This will help to improve the ranking of a site as a search engine, and improve communication with the users that directly affects the conversion of the site.

Convenience of site use is called usability (from the English usability). This factor brings benefits not only to the end user, but also helps to create a full-fledged place in helping you to achieve the planned objectives. Transparency and easy access to the website will give the result in the form of increased conversion.Usability helps to place all the elements in the right place, by means of analysis methods and behavioral factors testing of visitors. The functional site should work to be clear and comfortable for the user.

And finally, we should pay attention to the technical condition of the site. There are important criteria such as speed of loading pages, lack of errors in the code, relevant search, "smart" filter etc. If your site loads slowly, or is not correctly displayed in different browsers, it is unlikely that users will remain loyal to this project and they probably will go to the competitor.

From all the foregoing it must be concluded that your site should be beautiful, comfortable and useful informational. This is only a general description, and to make specific recommendations we need to study your project in more detail. You can use a list of questions to diagnose the conversion efficiency of the site. Our goal - is to make the site not for ourselves, but for your users.