Hosting - is one of the important vital components of the site. To make sure your online project run smoothly and reliably, you should carefully choose the service provider and choose a suitable for your business type of hosting.

Fortunately, our company has its own hosting, whereby we can offer our customers the perfect combination of the price and quality of provided services.

There are three main types of hosting:

1. Shared Hosting, which implies a certain place on the server, evenly distributed between the other sites. This is a simple and inexpensive type of hosting which is suitable mainly for small-scale information content sites, for instance, an individual page or site-card. But it is hardly suitable for more serious projects, such as online shops with lots of content and high traffic, as all it requires more space on the server.

2. Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) - this is when multiple virtual servers are hosted on a physical server, with the necessary amount of space and memory. This creates additional opportunities for functional complex on the site. It is suitable mainly for corporate sites and online shops of medium complexity.

3. Dedicated Server - this is when a physical server belongs entirely to the specific Internet resource. The transition to this type of hosting is required when attendance of your project counts over ten thousand people a day, the site uses a sophisticated resource-functional and a lot of content.

In addition to the standard functions of hosting, we provide unique for Ukraine and CIS service - protection against DDoS, it will be important for the information portals, large corporate sites, online stores, television and so on.

We invite all customers to use the services of our hosting