Design and creation of online store

The essence of the development of modern retail trade is to improve the quality of customer service. For this reason, the development of an online store is the most effective and convenient tool to increase sales. The firm has the opportunity to communicate with a potential buyer in the distance. Choosing the right product, directly from the computer screen, and even the ability to get the goods delivered at any specified location wherewith the usual shops are not particularly involved - is not it wonderful?

Benefits of online store, or facts about the selling online store:

  • Online shop combines almost all the functions of corporate, informational and advertising sites;
  • Your online store is available anywhere in the world, at any time of day, any day of the year and is open to any visitor;
  • Creation of online store improves operational efficiency of the firm: the changing price, replenishment of assortment, special promotions, and most important - it is the ability to communicate with potential customers quickly and efficiently;
  • place of any number of products on display of online store have no difficulty, no direct need for stock, no need in dozens of sellers. All this assumes a reduction in costs in maintaining and service the trading company.

Our company - is not a design studio, but modern and progressive laboratory for the creation of online stores with the most convenient interface for both users and administrators. Your online store will get the optimal directory structure for all kinds of goods with universal search and filter.

To improve the functionality and usability, we have developed an innovative platform content management SkynarCMS. Opportunities and functions of our system allows you to manage the content quickly and comfortably, change the structure of the online store and efficiently manage interaction with customers, that means SELL.

   Creating high level online stores is our main specialization. All work on the creation of effective marketing and online resource will be        completed on time with high quality and professionally. We will support you in your endeavors and will assist in the further                          development of the store.

Here's a list of opportunities of online store on the system Skynar:

You can download the catalogs of any format

Automatically create and upload an XML product catalog for various trading platforms;

New products, special offers, promotions, products of the day, sale, etc;

Payment in any way possible;

Full and effective search engine optimization the store;

"Related Items", "with this product you can buy", "accessories";

The old price, the new price, Promotional price etc;

Warranty card and invoice;

Photos and videos of each product;

Blocks of news, articles and reviews;

Own accounting system;

Filter parameters;

Sections of "frequently asked questions" and "reviews";

Easy filtering and advanced search;

Reception and order tracking;

Interaction with other systems when using the API;

Comparison of the goods;

The universal system of discounts;


All of these capabilities are originally envisaged system and operate automatically to help you establish a universal mechanism for the introduction of business online. Create your own online store that meets all the standards of usability and search engine optimization is the main task of our web studio.

Important! We like to create great online stores we will be proud of. This is the main advantage over our competitors, who just create a website for your store. We do not create site, we create the world for you. The world that you can control where you will live and what will be the main source of your income!