Contextual advertising on the Internet

The concept of "contextual advertising in search engines" - is a paid text ads that are visible in the search results Yandex and Google. You are free to set a price for the transfer, have the opportunity the time selection to show your ads and set up several ad groups. These features make contextual advertising effective tool for attracting targeted visitors.

Quick results - this is important!

Taking advantage of contextual advertising on the Internet, you can start to show your ads in a few hours as soon as you'll set up your profile and make an advance payment. The target audience will notice your activity immediately after the start of the advertising company.

PPC advertising has several advantages:

  • Quick results appear on the web. Site visitors will increase.
  • Your ads will be visible only for the target audience of the project.
  • You will only pay for the transition to your resource. That is, if a user enters your site on the advertising link.
  • You can experiment with the text of your ad.
  • Using Google Analytics, you can see how effective your advertising campaign is.
  • Cost control is performed by a flexible system. You adjust the budget themselves.
  • You can select and adjust the necessary region to display advertising.
  • You have the ability to schedule the show ads by the hour and day of the week.
  • Contextual advertising on Google and Yandex will not irritate the users as it responds to the search query.
  • If you need to make any changes to your advertising campaign, you can do it very fast and easy.

There are the following stages of the campaign:

  1. Planning context of an advertising campaign. It is a plan based on your needs and our recommendations.
  • Analyze your business as a whole, the site structure, the possibility of competition;
  • Choose a platform for placing PPC advertising Yandex.Direct or Google AdWords;
  • We compile a list of relevant words and appreciate the advertising budget;
  • After the analysis we provide recommendations for improving efficiency.
  1. Preparation announcements for advertising
  • There are no templates. Only sell ads for each client request;
  • Prepare for landing pages to increase conversions.
  1. Start campaign
  • Load your ads on the site;
  • Configuring parameters of ads displaying;
  • Setting up counters of analysts systems;
  • We provide access to the campaign.
  1. Monitoring Campaign
  • For permanent ads location on certain places we use automatic rates control system;
  • By means of counters analysts systems we track the achievement of objectives;
  • If necessary we can optimize campaigns quickly.