In the first part of the article "What should be the online store", we've begun to discuss the necessary functions and elements of successful sold sites. Today we're going to continue this topic.

  1. Bread crumbs

"Breadcrumbs" - is the convenient and useful element of the navigation on the site. A very effective tool mainly during the transition of the customer from search engine, which gives the visitor the opportunity to understand the structure of the store and find out where to move further. This will facilitate the client’s perception of the site, and will not allow get lost among tens of thousands products.We can go further and create a real way of the customer on the site (personal "breadcrumbs"), but because of the technical complexity and strangeness of the clients to such service it is not particularly recommended.

  1. Identity and Purity

Considering the fact that the number of online retailers increases every day, you should come up with unique and interesting design of the site for users to stand out among them. You can always come up with something new. Without the "highlight" your online store simply gets lost among competitors. So you should seriously consider the creation of thoughtful and beautiful design. People like beautiful things, there is no doubt that it increases their loyalty.Also, do not clutter up the pages with unnecessary elements that can make the visitors a little confused. Online store pages should be clean and simple in appearance. No advertising, no unnecessary text, no extra information for the customers. Many of them appreciate the minimalism and order.

  1. Contacts and assistant

It doesn't matter where are users on the page, they should without any difficulty see the phone number and address for the independent receipt of goods, as well as the timetable. Do not force the customer to move through the pages to find the contact information.Ideally, the consumers of your products and services should get the entire list of your contacts: phone (preferably free for your country), the exact address, the schedule of the store, post office, online assistant (they should be always in touch) and do not forget about the form of feedback - it's convenient. If the customers can without difficulties contact you, you'll get more chances to provide them with your products and services. But do not mix all the contact information in the same block, if it is not a separate page "contacts".5-6 numbers of mobile operators, Skype, ICQ, and a whole bunch of what is included in the list of irritants for users are written in the header in many online stores.

  1. Basket and "checkout"

It is understood that the main purpose of an online store is the purchase goods or services by the client. Very important points in the decision process are the basket and checkout. First of all it is necessary to determine how to make this process simple, fast and convenient. No matter how many steps are in your basket, the most important thing to do it in such case that the customers won't ask themselves f the question "what do you do next?". Such problems arise, for example, when placing an order with a few steps and click "next."The ideal solution will be to describe each step right on the button, such as "Go to payment", "choose the delivery."The ideal solution will be to describe each step right on the button, such as "Go to payment", "choose the delivery." You can make the whole process even easier having displayed all the necessary on the same page. The same should relieve the buyer from extra fields for required. Place the basket button on the prominent place and select it, let it differs from the other buttons.

Let the basket will always be in sight of the customer. You can also attach a little photo of the goods. Do not forget to show the delivery charges and its time in the basket, warranty on the product and the term of a possible return. Turn off all unnecessary links and blocks on the way to checkout.

  1. SEO and Advertising

Each online store to survive in harsh competition, initially should be ready to promote and improve their position in the search results. There are so many aspects that affect this issue, that one paragraph is not enough. But we should understand one thing: there is no need to re-optimize the site to the detriment of end users. This will reduce the loyalty to your project. Watch the headlines, tags and do not litter the SEO-pages with texts.

Use advertising, present yourselves with the best hand, let your website will have an information slide banner of your shares, as well as advertising on thematic resources. Advertising should not be abused, people cease to notice it. Keep spend money on promotion and advertising.

  1. Social networks and reviews

You can promote in the social networks not every online store, because of their specific features. And the effect of SMM should be noted. So give users the ability to like your goods and create a page in social networks. But we should not give them a lot of space and importance on the site. There is no need to make a dominant and with excessive attention block. Create a system of loyalty and encourage participation in social surveys and promotions. Your goal - is to make recognized and visited online store. Reviews - a very important and necessary aspect for online stores. Allow users to discuss and to talk about you, your services and products without hindrance. It is not necessary to order reviews. Do not interfere with this process (except for posts of censorship). Give an incentive to users to write reviews. For example, a gift or a discount for a certain amount of comments. Ask customers to write about you on the other sites, it will make them realize that you do not change these reviews.Place them preferably on the main page of the goods. 80% of users read reviews before buying.

Finally, we should confess that all of the recommendations that we've made in this article, only a fraction of what should be noted for efficient operation of your Internet resource. Our team is always ready to help you. Write or call us!