In this article we'd like to talk about the most popular video sites for sales through Network - an online store. We will try to analyze what should and what should not be on your site in order to make it successful and fulfilled with main function, that can be sold.

The worst thing while looking for the right product - is the transition to the link and immediately close it. There are two reasons: either the site is terrible in every sense, or it is beautiful and attractive, but is saturated with information. So how to make the online store interesting, simple and memorable? Let's look at some aspects affecting the efficiency of the online store.

  1. Mega Menu

In our view, the mega-menu will be the most relevant and useful part of the navigation, for the full and simple reflection of the complex structure of the product catalog. Usually, it is located in the upper part of the site, horizontally or from the right angle under the cap. It is recommended for Internet sites with a large number of categories. Also the menu structure should be displayed on the basis of search terms of the target audience. This will help you primarily to show the groups of products that are the most demanded.

  1. Search

As we used to see in all major online stores, it is decided to put search bar on the most prominent place. Somewhere it is functional and smart, and somewhere it is restricted and is of little use. As one of the main elements of site navigation, the search must be in sight of the clients and assist them in the selection of necessary goods or services. Creation of queries the search a clever and understandable for any user - is a complicated procedure, and it should done while formatting of the structure of the site.Correct issuance on the query of a potential buyer is a lot for your business. Having created a good search, you could increase sales due to the correct issuance of the goods and services. Do not upset customers showing empty pilgrim with the text "You do not know how to write correctly," or something like that. Let the system will initially be set up to assist customers and increase sales.

  1. Filters

Let us suppose that a customer wants to buy a laptop and knows the parameters that it should have. But he hasn't chosen the manufacturer and model yet. And then there is a turn of products filtration on various parameters. If your site has an extensive and simple to use filter, then it will affect sales, although indirectly. In our view, the correct filter must be fast, so you do not even notice how the list of goods will change when you select, must reflect all the major parameters of the product and be stored for the user's convenience. If the filter is well arranged in your store, your navigation system will be more effective as a whole.

  1. Advantages

Perhaps it is not a widespread phenomenon - displaying in a prominent place the main competitive advantages of the online store. In today's e-commerce, each project must have a range of competitive advantages. For online stores these parameters are price, delivery, additional warranty, service, etc. You should understand that, with increase in the number of players on the market, situation for shopping is becoming complicated and the war is for each potential customer.And what is most important to the customer? This is his profit. Consider the strategy of competitors and try to offer your customers the factors that will be able to get them to buy it. As a rule, the block with a competitive advantage, it is desirable to stir on the main page, but rather on all the pages of the store.

  1. Product availability and cost

Many online stores put a lot of goods that are not in stock. Items of this section are not removed from the site for reasons of the search engine optimization. But potential customers are just upset. The solution is to place the unit about the availability in the right and prominent place, preferably under the item. You should also connect the module of the similar goods.This will help the person,during the search of a specific product brands and prices, to choose a different model. Thus, you will be able to take care of the customer, increase conversion and not lose positions in search engines.

Another important factor is the provision of a clear pricing and ideally the price should be displayed with all parameters (delivery, warranty, insurance).That is, let the system automatically produces the desired final cost to the customer, to not get "surprises" when receiving the goods in the form of surcharges for delivery. Customers do not owe you anything and shouldn't search for the information they need on other pages of the site.Show all the necessary information when you make a product, and also it can be done earlier on the item card.

  1. Photos, videos and product characteristics

We do not recommend, but insist on the fact that photographs, and at best, video should be shown for the potential customers. Your window should be flawless. High-quality photos with good resolution from different angles, and do not forget about the video description or review. All these things will help customers to evaluate the product without seeing it in real life. This is a very good fact that videos are ranked by search engines, and you should take care of their availability. At the same time, make a complete technical description of the product and do not forget about the color, size and modification. Remember, if the customer gets more information on the same page about the product, you'll have the higher chance to sell it. So, good quality photos, video and full review of the product description will give you a chance to get a loyal customer.