1. Upgrade

This problem in most cases occurs only because of the banal laziness of programmers. To set up a site for all browsers is sufficiently laborious and tedious work. And programmers often think that the absence of the last update of OS or browser for ordinary users - that's their problem. But in fact, it is the problem of Internet project owners. After losing potential customers, you lose your money. Solution of the question is banal: note in the specifications while creating a site that you need support for all modern browsers, and the problems with their renewal should not happen.

  1. Search

Smart and adequately perceive search queries on the site is very important for web. Suppose you spend on creating an advanced search much more time and money, but ultimately this can be one of your competitive advantage. To find something on your website will be very easy and the customers will be pleased with it, plus this will increase customer loyalty.

  1. Socialization

It is no secret that many active Internet users, and, in particular of your potential target audience, have a kind of social life on the Internet. Most users have pages in social networks. Someone starts the day with a cup of coffee, and for someone it is important to read their twitter. Given this affection it is not recommended to deprive people of the opportunity to share interesting information from your site, due to the lack of buttons of social networks.You should also remember that social activity will be reflected in the search results, the number of views,user confidence, and most importantly - sales will be increased.

  1. Do not lie to customers

Each title on your website should not only be attractive, but correspond to reality. Involve users by means of intriguing headlines is a good move, but if the users see while reading the headline that the text does not contain the information which they need... Believe, they will be disappointed and it is unlikely that they'll visit your site again.

  1. Lure and break

Let's imagine such a situation. You've got a sending that kind of online store offers a 50% discount on any product. Sounds good, doesn't it? But when you have followed a link, you see, instead of the promised discount completely different. You are asked to make a purchase at a round sum at first, and only then you'll get a discount, but not for any heading and on the next purchase. Surveys show that people do not like this. Therefore, dear marketers, be wise, appreciate your customers. If you have a special offer, do everything possible to make it correspond to the reality and clear to all users. Customer loyalty is more valuable than one-time benefit .

  1. Remove the "broken" links

It's unpleasant to see on the site so called "broken" links. Each user must clearly understand where he/she gets by clicking on the link. The system of internal links is very useful for both search engines and users. It is an integral part of the advanced navigation on the site. You should check all the links and fix them, what can increase the quality of the site.

  1. The Cat in the sack - the price

Many of us are faced with a situation when you order goods in the online store the original price and the final are very different from each other. The reasons may be different, but the essence is the same: the price should never be a surprise for the customer. Best option of displaying the prices of goods and services - is the automatic inclusive of all relevant parameters, such as shipping, discounts, bonuses, etc.You should highlight price in a larger font and color on all pages, you can take it into the frame. Let the price of your item will be clear, and all related information let be displayed next to it. Do not make users look for a calculator. This is - your problem, and the customer can always just go away from the site.

  1. What relation to patronymic?

Sometimes programmers are "too wise" with the order form. These errors are so many that you can compile a list of recommendations for the creation of various forms:

1) The fewer - the better. We recommend to minimize the number of fillable fields. Always ask myself the question, why do they need my patronymic?

2) A clear understanding why shop requires certain information. You can comment on the field for entering of a phone number, for example: "to ensure that our managers can contact you."

3) Do authorization through social networks. Many users have a page in the social. networks, and it will be convenient to enter through them, rather than to register on your site.

4) save the correct filled fields, if one is filled incorrectly. It is unpleasant when you have to fill out all over again, if you've missed the letter.

5) automate the parameters of geolocation. For example, displaying of the customer city is immediately in the right field.

The list of irritants in this matter is very large. Marketers and programmers should work harmoniously together on them.

  1. Give the compass

On many sites a person experiences a shock that can not understand where he/she is and what he/she should do next. The users begin to ask themselves the question: "Am I on the desired link to me?". This is a very bad form of dating with potential customers. Just let the visitors understand for what they are here and what problems you can solve for them. Let the whole navigation path will be clear and understandable for any user. Let your site will be a compass to solving customer problems.

Thus, according to the survey most users don't like advertising (45%), compulsory registration (35%), low speed of loading pages (15%), low information (14%), poor navigation (12%) and outdated design of the site (7 %). Appreciate your users and monitor your site.