To attract, retain and sell - that's the true purpose of online marketing. But in the race for the consumer dollar, online stores completely forget about customers, constantly ignoring the rules of marketing and saturating resources unnecessary information. As a result, it harms the online store: the conversion begins to drop, bounce rates are growing, and the reputation is lost.

How to avoid redundant information on the website and do not annoy users?

  1. Animations and flash

Every time visiting your site, users want to get the information, product or service they need. The first impression is so important for future relations site with the client, it should be friendly and positive, and not irritable repulsive. Just let the clients understand where they are and how to successfully they've chosen your project, make sure that clients like your website.It is not necessary to attract the customers' attention by various kinds of animation that start automatically. Flashing banners, videos are constantly moving interactive elements - these are just knocks down the man, and even benefit from them impossible. So do not deprive visitors tranquility and yourselves - potential customers.

The word "terror" to the optimizer is translated as "flash animation" on the site. If you decide to use in your project flash animation and think it's cool, you're wrong.Perhaps for non-commercial site it is not so bad, but when it comes to internet projects that need to promote a product or service, then your resource is doomed to failure. Not only that search engines index such sites poorly, but also in the visitors. In most cases they will not wait flash animation download on the website, just close it. Moreover, mobile devices do not always support flash - for example in iOS Safari this technology is not supported. So do not play with fire.

  1. Slowly and again slowly

I think you are aware that the level of rejection of users directly depends on the speed of loading pages. And, in turn, failure is the main cause of low conversion site. To solve this problem you can reduce the weight of graphic images, improve the style and optimize the scripts. A more detailed analysis and recommendations you can get by using free resources Page Speed Testing Tool from Google.

We also recommend to optimize the speed of loading the slider on your site, if it is. Of course, a good slider not only saves the space, but also activates the advertising campaigns and special offers of your resource. If the slider is a very long time to boot and makes the customer to wait, it is better to solve this problem. Refer to your developers on this issue as soon as possible, do not grieve the precious customers.

  1. Popup-submarine

Each of us often faced with persuasive advertising, online assistant, or an invitation to subscribe for, pops up before us and prevents receive that for which we are at the particular site. Site owners want to draw your attention to their needs, while you are there just for the satisfaction of yours. You have to notice a fine line - purpose of an Internet resource in any case shouldn't be such for users. You should not annoy your potential customers and sink your ship in the negative customers.

  1. Autodestruction Launch

Frustrating when you are in the dead of night plow across the expanses of the Internet to find the right content and you are at the next site suddenly greeted by loud music or automatically starting of the video. And it does not matter whether there is a button on the website that allows you to disable all of this. In most cases, the visitor simply left the resource. Categorically it is impossible to force your visitors to do something, it is a strong irritant. Choosing what to watch and listen to is wholly owned by the user. There is no need to press the self-destruct button of your Internet project.

  1. Contacts, about the company, blog

The amazing paradox, on some sites you can see such a miracle: the transition to the link "contacts", and instead of the required contact information you are invited to fill out the feedback form. In the contact section all the possible methods of communication with you should be presented: phone numbers, e-mail, Skype, the address, location map, and a map with the mark. And only then - a form of the feedback. This page is needed for users, not for you.

The section "about us" sometimes just shock confusing and frustrating text, with a pronounced narcissism, all of us, we, yes we are. You should not use the formulaic expressions such as "we are the market leaders," "we are recommend as the best", "10 years of the successful introduction of business," and similar expressions. Write it as it is in real, simply, not many and not too little, and most importantly information that everyone understands who you are and what you do. Your position is unimportant in the market for visitors. They do not care by whom you're recommended, unless it is their own acquaintances.Visitors do not care how much you work. And your professionalism (or lack of), they can be assessed only after using the services or acquire your product yourself.

As to the blog, it is also a very important element, which significantly affects the users' the loyal perception of your site. Probably because in the blog you are not trying to take over the money of the users, and share them with useful information.If the customer knows about a particular goods and services more (and better, of course, on your site),then the higher the probability of acquisition of goods or services from you. In a blog post you should write the truth about everything that really help a person. But the absence of the blog has negative impact and causes, so to speak, passive mistrust users.

  1. SEO-sorting (or same-optimization)

Without a good and effective work on optimizing Internet resource will never reach the top of search results. But we got used to see on the pages of many online stores incomprehensible, stuffed with key demands texts. Perhaps the owners of such projects tend to forget that any text is not primarily for search engines, but for people.It is recommended not to use this kind of texts and pay more attention to the usability of the site, which will directly impact on improving both customer loyalty and search engine rankings.

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