The most important thing for an Internet project is an indicator of the efficiency of conversion. Golden word to the owner of each online store. The term "conversion" - is the percentage of visitors who take advantage of your offer, to the total number visited him in a certain period of time, and expressed in percentage. That is, the display ratio of visitors to your online resource to the number of planned actions you have made.For example, for a day at the site is visited by 3,000 visitors, of which only 100 have used your services, then your website conversion 3%. Whatever your objectives (sales, newsletter subscription, registration of users, downloading files) should always analyze and improve site conversion rates.

Conversion is necessary to monitor constantly

Track conversions your site as often as possible, it will help you respond quickly to rising or falling visitor traffic. Analyzing the change in the conversion from month to month, you can clearly see the change in the trend in demand for your products or services. If you make any changes to the site, it may affect your conversion rate, so watch out for visitors.

Methods to improve site conversion

There are many methods to increase conversion site and some of them:

  1. The speed of the site.

Use the impatient internet users. Believe me, if your site is loaded more than 5 seconds, the majority of visitors will leave. Keep in mind that web pages load as is taken into account by search engines, and affects the issuance of the results. The winner is the fastest project. It should consider set of factors affecting the speed of loading pages, such as the size and weight of the graphics, styles and scripts.Also do not forget about the slow speed of the Internet in the regions (methods optimize the speed of loading pages site will be devoted to the separate topic).

  1. The best deserve a place of honor.

To this case it should be approached very delicately. First, build your menu so that it will be dominated by the goods and services that are needed for your target audience. Make it very easy using Yandex.Wordstat where you can pick up the key questions for your topic. So you will improve navigation, and the most popular products will be under the hand of your customers. Secondly, on the homepage you should place all your special offers.Groups of goods and services can be different, "action", "bestseller", "sale", "new collection" and many others. Your goal - is to attract the user and show him in a designated place the goods and services that can make him interested in, and for you - to make a profit.

  1. The amount of information per page.

There is some disagreement about the length of the page, based on their experience and tests, we can say that it all depends on the correctness of the information flow. Studies have shown that in recent years the page length is not so much affect the user most likely they are concerned about the content of the site. To add all the necessary information to the client in direct field of vision - is your main task.It should take into account the resolution of the device's screen, from which you goto the website. Therefore, we recommend to reduce the amount of information to the minimum. For example, to write one main phone number, not clutter up the screen with great slider, not make the header on the half of the page, etc. Try to put the information in a way that may interest the user to scroll down the page.

  1. Phone in the header.

With the growing number of major players in all areas of internet commerce, your level of customer service must grow exponentially in order to compete. One of the best options for simplicity contacting with you is a free landline number (0-800). It must be placed in the most prominent place on all pages. The most optimal place is the cap site.It is also suggested to put the button next to "call back" where the user can enter your phone number and you call back to him. But all the other methods of communication can be placed, or in the footer or on the contact page.

  1. I am - what you need.

Each user in the first place thinks only of their own advantage, buying this or that product. So the first thing your potential customer wants to see - is the reason for which he has to make his order it on your website. Whatever your competitive advantage, you should show them to visitors on your web pages. You should not hide it from all users by providing various incentives only for those who get to the placing of your order. Let your benefits will affect the selection of potential customers initially, this will increase loyalty to your resource.

  1. My eyes are brown.

Studies of human behavior at the website led to the conclusion that users are focusing on the upper left side, a little lower in the central part of it and on the right area of the page. Of course, depending on the structure of the site behavior may change, but the habits dominate our lives. As a rule the right is side most often ignored and you should place there a minor  information. According to the thermal tests for online retailers, eye movements of visitors forms a kind of letter F. So, useful information should be placed to be consistent with this path, it will increase the user-friendliness of your site and thus increase the conversion.

  1. Away with surplus production.

Most sites carry the remnants of the concept of "more is better" and contain a large amount of information. It should be understood that each Internet project has a purpose, and all the other elements are designed in order to the user has made a planned online resource action. Many elements just distract customer. Because each element of the site should be laid out and carry a certain benefit to the consumer.Take out all the trash out of the house. And you will have more living space where you can put a new sofa. Comfortable minimalism - a new trend in the development of Internet resources. This is perhaps one of the key performance indicators of the site. After all, if all the elements correctly and without excesses serve the same purpose, the success is guaranteed.

  1. Won't give a number?

Get contact details for customers who have decided to purchase a product or refer to your service for the first time can be very difficult. To do this you have to work hard to get them to believe in you. This can be done from the first minute demonstration of your benefits and indicate the potential benefits to consumers. But if the user for some reason left the site, for instance while ordering, you can return him only if you have a feedback.After all, we all know that if a customer is gone, the chances of his returning are decreasing with each passing hour. In view of this, we recommend to obtain from the customers their phone or mail for notification. Get the customer's data is not always easy, you must create some kind of mechanism, such as a discount or a bonus for registered customers. Establishing relationships with customers is a very important component of constant sales. Thus, having received data of the client, immediately thank, and then you can keep him in good shape.For example, by delivery of attractive offers, alerts about discounts, unpaid items in the cart or simply sending useful material. It is recommended to personalize this kind of writing, and do not forget the birthdays of customers. Take care of them, and you will be risen up to the top of Olymp.

  1. I am the center of the universe, and the entire Internet.

Dear site owners forget that there is such concept as "we." 90% of respondents expressed that they are not particularly interested in laudatory texts and articles that describe professionalism, individual approach, the period of presence in the market of the company, etc. Client are primarily interested in his problem, his benefits, and most importantly - how your company can solve this problem. The first step shows the customer as efficiently, quickly and cheaply you can solve the customer's problem. His needs and desires for you -is a law.You should constantly analyze competitors, thoroughly study the needs of the main target audience and offer solving of this problem on the home page. Try to provide your clients with the most favorable offers and focus on the benefits that have been lost sight of competitors. Try to change your selling texts, making them not to shout about your dignity facing the consumers of goods and services. Selling text strongly influence on increasing conversion site.

  1. More fun.

As you probably already noticed, users are becoming every year more lazy and lazy. The reason is that video content is starting to prevail over the text material. The best presenting information will be text with complementary video. So you can give the customer a choice, and increase your position in search results, as search engines index the video content very well.When it is necessary to show something in the real action,there are no tools which are equal Video clip. The customer can see the product in action, learn the pros and cons, compare dimensions. Also, be aware that video feedback is also very useful and credible for visitors.

  1. Start the test.

Testing of all processes on your website - is a very important aspect for the success of the project. Making any changes to the design, launching new features, writing selling texts, calling  to the action, creating new menu items, etc.,you should always perform A / B testing. Each change in your online project can affect a site increase conversion, that's why you have to conduct tests constantly.

To summarize: in order to increase the conversion of the site should be thoroughly examine and review all content, identify weaknesses and take advantage of our recommendations, put them into practice. We believe that an increase in the conversion of the site is a key aspect of long-term development of your business on the web.