How to optimize the text correctly?

Optimization of the text - is the process of text design with the standards and norms of search engines for getting into of the particular page in natural issue when the search query. Text of the page is a major factor in forming of relevance for the search engine.

To ensure that the site has appeared in search results for a particular query, you need to create relevant for that page, corresponding text material. Obviously, when a user is looking for information, he/she first introduces a specific request, and then is looking at the issue of a search engine. If a page of the site contains a unique and useful content for that the search engine can rank highly this page, then the probability of transition to your site will increase significantly.There are a lot of parameters which determine the ranking of pages by search engines, in this article we will examine the main internal factors.


Filling text with keywords is based on the input of the text, without distorting its meaning and readability, a key request. This is the most popular word or phrase by which users are looking for the information they need in the search results. Compliance with the rules of the "golden mean" helps to avoid getting a site under various sanctions by the search engines.

To make the text pages posted to user requests, it must be optimized for a given request. Best option - is to have at each request a separate page with optimized text. If for every request is allocated a separate page with a unique, useful for users of the text, the more likely that page will appear in the top search results. The task is complex and time-consuming therefore many site owners simply combine a few key phrases on one page. But in our opinion "a request for a one-page" this is the right decision when optimizing your site in general. First of all it will help reduce the cost for promotion, and the second - on the site as a whole it will be a lot of useful and unique information, which in its turn will affect the overall ranking of search engines.

But if you've decide to go by the way of combining multiple keywords on a page, they should not exceed 4 requests. The exception is, perhaps, a large number of similar words, for example, words related to a common request, such as "buy an apartment", "apartment", "apartment in Kiev", etc.

Rules of the text optimization

For maximum effectiveness of text optimization you should comply with certain rules that will maximize readability and improve user experience.

1) Tags are best used in the various word forms and their number depends on the volume of text. The more text, the more keyword queries may be contained in it.

That is, if you manage to create a passage in which there is not only the keyword, but also a number of different word forms or phrases that thereby the relevance of the text increases several times, allowing you easily to move to the top of search results.

2) Key questions, consisted of two words should be placed directly next to each other. That is, all of the key questions in the form of phrases write together (so-called direct entry).

If a user makes a query "the creation of sites," then surely he/she is interested in information about the development of the site, its cost and effectiveness, not the features and specifics the division of the sites on the types. In turn, the search engine will consider more relevant that text which contains a phrase or sentence that is most suitable for user's request.

3) It will be better if you place a key request closer to the beginning of the text and the page.

The thing is that psychologically people sees the usefulness of information on the location criteria for a meaningful phrase. Most likely, this happens at a subconscious level. An algorithm for computing the relevance of keywords in the text pages is arranged the same principle. Placing a key request to the beginning of the sentence in the first paragraph, you hereby optimize the text on the page.

Properly formatted text

After the writing of a unique text for a specific request, subject to compliance with all the above rules and regulations, you should begin with visual design articles. That's, it begins the process of checking the readability of text and useful for those who will read it.

Start standing with the competent selection of key phrases, thus facilitate user's perception of the information he/she needs.There are many methods for the correct formatting text: the selection in a different color, bold, boldface or italic, and so on.

It should use the appropriate HTML tags to highlight words in the text, as well as to focus on meaning. It should be guarded against the simultaneous use of multiple tags or repeat them several times. These actions may lead to "search the ban" because the search engine can interpret your actions as a "search engine spam".

Remember, the key questions should be allocated no more than two times. This, in turn, will help users focus on important information, and the search engine will analyze and perceive these measures as a useful and high-quality work to optimize text.

Headlines text

In drawing up the title you should consider the main search query. So it will be easy to guide users, to give them a right to understand what category this article is. Thus, you can improve the relevance of this keyword.

The Web uses the following hierarchy structure of HTML-language for specialty tags:

h1 - the main and most important title of the page;

h2 - the second important headline page section;

h3> h4> h5 ... .. etc.

It is recommended not to use multiple tags simultaneously, and not to repeat them to highlight a title.


If you choose to optimize your site's text, we recommend you to do this in the coming periods, taking into account the recommendations for achieving a positive result. Optimization of articles is an integral part of internal optimization.Selection of the right keywords and phrases, good design of the text, proper attention the readability and unique content are the key to successful promotion.

Our specialists are happy to help to improve the content of your site.