Not many owners of online stores, and not all Web Studio (site developers), recognize the importance of the customer for the existence and prosperity of the business. Client - is the most important component of the business. With increasing competition in the electronic commerce, it is becoming harder and harder to attract potential target audience to our online store. But to keep the same audience, turning it into permanent clients is generally a difficult task.This objective is relevant to any online store for small and medium businesses. We all know that the client is very easy to lose - always one click and  website is closed. It's probably a shame, because you spend a lot of money, time and effort to attract those users, and the goal - turning visitors into buyers - is failed.

All the problems begin with the creation of an online store, and are determined  that often too much attention is paid to the various design decisions and selfish preferences of the owner of an online store. The needs of consumers, in many cases, are forgotten or simply ignored. In other words, when the development of an online store, the developer and the customer do not regard online store in sight of the users, for which it is created.The situation can not be assessed unequivocally, the customers have their business vision, the designer seeks to please them, and to perform less work for a large sum of money. Not all web studio, able to create a unique, useful and selling online store. And it eventually destroys the entire business, and reduces the effectiveness of the site as a whole, leaving no place for further growth and prosperity. There is a certain list of misconceptions about customers view for an online store. Let's look at some of them.

  1. Some people think that if they use the new Web technologies, the customers will be very happy.

If you believe that adding to your online store a flash animation or a huge and slowly open the slider, long-term loading, you can make users wait, you're wrong. After all, as shown by numerous surveys, customers have a quite different opinion on this matter.All that prevents the visitor to get to the desired goods to him, increases the chance of an early withdrawal from this online store, and this means that the barriers reduce data conversion online store. If the clients have to wait for downloads of certain elements of the site for longer than 30 seconds, then the probability of their departure will be about 84%. Perhaps your online store is drawn very beautiful, but beauty does not imply the convenience and efficiency.It should be understood one small but very important detail: your potential customers come to your website, not in order to admire the beautiful design, but for the sake of information, purchases of goods and services order. If the visitors achieve their objectives faster, most likely that they'll turn into a buyer. Thus, the speed, convenience and efficiency are priority components of a successful completion of the sales cycle online store.

  1. Let download updates for viewing the site.

After conducting a small test on the focus group it is revealed that compulsory download or install new software in order to view the website that causes negative associations among users. When browsing your online store is required, for example, a special player or you need to install another browser, then 77% of users, as usual, leave the page.The growth of online stores increases the probability of withdrawal from the site to a competitor, where a proper attention to this kind of detail the user convenience is paid. So pay attention to make your site opened in all major browsers (Chrome, Opera, Safari, Explorer and Firefox) and equally well to make every element of your site not required any auxiliary programs or force an update.

  1. The clients should think placing an order, we shouldn't do everything for them.

You have to understand that people come to your online store simply because they are interested in your product or service, rather than stare at the beautiful design of the site. But to think, to fill in long forms or understand the difficult navigation they do not plan at all.We advise not to use mandatory user authentication, always to write explanations and examples to fill in each field (in various forms), to improve search and to establish the navigation client's path, to think convenient and proper structuring of an online store in general, and catalog products in particular. An important aspect is the speed of users transitions from different pages of an online store to another. Design is important, but it is secondary to the ease of use (usability).In the process of creating an online store, or when developing the site, we use a scheme of usability + design, which in our opinion is more beneficial to business than beautiful, but not selling online store. Creating a convenient and thoughtful layout of the site - the first thing is to start creating a site.Develop online store may be tens of thousands of web studios, but think about every detail, thoroughly and not expensive at the same time, and thus create a uniform structure of the site, which also will be visually beautiful, comfortable and efficient - all these things are hard to perform for many.

So, when you create an online store, think only about the users, and not about yours tastes and preferences. Online shop for customers and create your personal home page for yourselves.Do not think that if you like something, then your target audience is sure to like and be delighted with it. Make online shop convenient, useful and very special - is the success of your online project.