List of Questions for the diagnosis of conversion site

These questions will help you to understand what problems should be eliminated, to make site more effective. But if you after all these information won't be able to improve the state of your project, you should contact the specialists.

Let's start with the elementary. If on your site graphic content is compressed  and pictures look bad, it's a low-quality site. The solution is simple - try to improve the quality of photographic materials of your resource. Qualitative illustrations will increase your conversion many times.

Do we have the online contact information in sight of the users?

This may be a direct city phone number, or a reference to the contact page. But even on the contact page all possible ways to communicate with you should be thoroughly registered and location map should be placed on the map. You can also publish different kinds of explanations, how can you drive a different truck. Photos of office don't be redundant. Do not forget about the work schedule (including weekends).

Do you have price on your website next to the product or service? Is there information about product availability?

Many entrepreneurs do not like to advertise the prices of goods and services, and trust it to their sales managers. In our experience, this is not the most effective way. Be sure to include at least the approximate price of your products and services. This will help your online audience to have some idea of the value of your services. And do not forget about the reflection of relevance of the goods presence in your warehouse.

How long have you updated the data on your website? How fast can a user understand that your site is alive?

There are several effective ways to demonstrate to the user that the site works:

- Own company news;

- Shares with time constraints;

- Automated script about the reality of prices on the site of the current date.

Do you tell the target audience about your company, its successes, its certificates its team?

If you have a new brand, you should show your customers that you are a reliable and serious company.

Can visitors understand location of your company and where it works?

It is better if you work in your region, and don't attract online audiences from regions that you can not serve. Specify the region, even be in the code, by connecting to the site geoip.

How many clicks does the customer to make a planned action?

Try to make the site so that customers can easily commit the planned action, without many clicks. The best option when user can make a large number of actions on a page . Experience shows If there are fewer clicks before order, then higher conversion of the site.

If there are any obstacles for visitors who have decided to become a client?

Do not require from customers unnecessary personal information, such as patronymic, or entering the complex captcha to confirm the registration. Reduce the number of fields to fill in various forms, reduce the number of steps, do not force customers to strain their brain and think. These things have a strong influence on the site conversion .

Many sites for some reason require mandatory registration for the purchase of goods or services. This moment may affect the business as a whole very painfully. It is better to use the entrance to the site through social networks or use cookies to solve the problem of forced registration. So the customer can first put the goods into a basket, and then fill in the necessary information at the stage of order.

Does your site have the "road map" for users?

The main your objective should be the right direction for all users. So that, coming to your site, they immediately understand where they are and what they have to do to achieve their goals. A call to action should always be presented on the all pages of the project, and the page should be divided into categories. For example, if a customer wants to buy iron, and while clicking on the link goes to the main page, it is unlikely that it will help you sell iron. Literate "road map" - is a direct way to increase conversions, and the key to successful web site.

Have you compiled any semantic core for keywords relevant to your goods and services?

Do not try to promote the site for the keywords that do not correspond reality. To deceive customers - is a bad strategy, that does bring you any good.

Should be noted that each users' move has to justify their expectations. For example, if a person types in google "how to choose a laptop," then he/she should not be redirected to the category of "notebooks" - most likely he/she would be happy to read an article about the selection of a laptop. And only then you can offer to become a client of the company, offering several links to your products. Let your articles will benefit the customer. Thus you will increase search engine ranking and you will be identified by visitor as a source of useful information.

How many objects are in sight of the customers?

All experts in the field of advertising follow the old principle Miller 7-9 objects in sight of customer. His research showed that the average person could easily see 5-6 objects or blocks. On the Internet, the perception is slightly different from the conventional advertising view of person. But again, in any case you should not overflow the login page of visitors with various units. There is needed quality design work for the correct supply all relevant information to users.

How much does your website have advertising and banners with different transitions to external resources?

On many sites you can see and currency converter, and weather, and other third-party widgets. For 90% of the sites they do not carry any value and too little interest to users. Therefore we recommend you to remove these "toys" and all foreign key with the transition to other sites. This will reduce the risk of leaving from the resource.

Do you have a page on the site "input" or something similar?

We advise you to get rid of the remnants of the past. You should audit the usability of the site. Perhaps it is very old and has lost its effectiveness.

Does your website have pop-ups?

Intrusive advertising takes pride of first place among the stimuli of Internet users. So it is better to get rid of pop-ups and other elements, which are driven differently than on voluntary clicking your visitors.

What font sizes are used on the site? Not too long lines (often found on adaptive sites)?

When the text is written in small print and lines are very long, the readability decreases significantly. Even if the text is useful and informative, people will not read it. Do not increase the font size or reduce the length of lines - this is not the best solution. The best thing would be to revise the structure and design of the site to improve readability.

Are audio materials used on your website?

On the site, doesn't matter which subject has, should not be unnecessary sounds and self-starting music. If a visitor wishes to include a video or music, let do it by clicking the appropriate button. Incidentally, this is - the second most important users irritant  after pop-up ads. The main response to the sound from the site - it's just closing links. Also, we do not recommend to adjust the resizing your browser window or open multiple windows simultaneously.Any change should take place only notifying the users and on their own free will.

Do you require the users on your site  to download the price list in Excel or Word?

Of course, the load of Price- desired option, but it is suitable mainly for wholesale. For retailers will be much better to use a good catalog with real prices. Better yet, if all these data are combined with your database. In this case, when updating the product information customers will immediately see all the relevant information on the site.

How your site is displayed correctly in all browsers?

You should revise the map of your site in all popular browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer). So you can see your project through the eyes of the user and eliminate all problems.

Can the user before downloading see the size of the downloaded file?

You should always specify the size of the downloaded file. The problem is that the speed of the Internet is quite far behind the West. And the case with the mobile Internet is even worse.So do not waste precious traffic of users for downloading large files. Let the customers know in advance the size of the file they're going to download.

Are there any difference between links and plain text on the site?

This is important for the mobile Internet users and it can be solved easily: using underline or highlight links in a different color. This solution will help customers to find their way immediately, what should be clicking.

To summarize.

Look at your website and try to solve some of the problems of usability (ease of use), it will help you to increase your conversion, maybe even a 1% interest rate. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and not all items can be critically important for your particular site, since it is only a list of general recommendations. For a more thorough analysis of the site is better to refer to specialists.