It happens very often, when there is such a problem: there is a site, there are goods and nevertheless there are no sales . And if you have visitors at the same time, then it means either nobody wants your product or you have a very bad conversion.

Let’s consider one of the components of increasing of conversion - "selling texts."

In order the site to be not only in the top of search results, but also a target audience to became the buyers of your products and services, you should necessarily optimize the website texts for the main mechanisms of improving of  the conversion. One of these methods, with a view to conversion is literate writing of texts using the technique of "call to action".

In this context, a few basic principles in the preparation of "selling texts" should be considered.

Firstly, in order to sell something on the internet, you should learn how to do it live. This approach is practiced in the company «Zappos», which is the standard of qualitative client servicing. Each senior manager is required to undergo training as a call center operator. So, in order that the text to be interesting to the buyer, it must contain all the necessary information that will help potential client to opt for your product. This can be achieved by examining the basic needs of the customers, for example, on the basis on the monitoring of frequently asked questions. So you will be able to form a clearer idea of ​​what exactly target audience needs. Thus, this principle implies an inventory of the required information for each text.

Secondly, if it seems to be not enough and there will be no tangible results , then go further and become a buyer on your own. Make your way to the purchase of goods or services. Enter your search query by clicking on the link, both your own and competitors’, evaluate both offers as objectively as possible. Talk to the sales managers, make an order and  evaluate the entire cycle. Thus you can not only optimize your text, but you can also identify all the drawbacks  in the whole business process, from inquiry to delivery.

Thirdly, write texts for a certain type of people. That means, you must understand clearly who your target audience is, what are their needs and requirements. Put yourself in their place, conduct some analysis, and what is better, conduct a survey among the regular customers. If you manage to personalize your texts, it will promptly affect the level of sales. Your goal is to find those whom you are trying to sell their goods or services.

Fourthly, only after you've got all the key information that we had mentioned above, try to answer the following questions:

  • Do I know everything about my product or service?
  • Would I buy this product?
  • Why is it necessary to buy this product?
  • Will my friends buy this product?
  • How well I have learned my customers and whether I will be able to answer all their questions?

Short recommendation:

1) Do not write the things that you would not say dealing with the buyer live. Special attention should also be dedicated to the style and form of information. Easy and positive form of writing texts with elements of direct appeal to readers is welcomed.

2) To make the text be natural it should be reread aloud several times, or even ask friends to read the article in your presence. Thus you will be able to simplify the perception of your marketing text and improve its readability. Do not forget to listen to the opinions of others.

3) It is also desirable to monitor the length of the text, do not force the users  to get bored or just look through your article. Your goal is to sell the product with the help of text. The text must contain exactly as many words as you would need to explain the benefits of your product to the buyer on meeting.

4) Understand that the text is a kind of an informative link that with proper feeding helps the user to become a buyer. Taking into account this specificity, you should not write the text for the search engines. Selling texts are written for people and SEO-components in this context are only a useful addition. It  does not mean that there should not be key requests in the text. Moreover, in order this  text to come to the top of search results, it must be necessarily optimized for requests. But it must be done within the scope of reason, based on the recommendations of a particular search engine.

5) Excessive number of keywords can simply destroy the selling structure of the text and it will not bring you the desired results.

6) The structure of the text should be structured as a reverse pyramid, where the first paragraph contains the basic key information about a product or service, and the very first sentence should be the shortest and the most informative.

7) Pay attention to one more important detail: Each text should be "cool" around one thought, and the more successful you will be able to talk about it, using all sorts of approaches, the higher conversion will be.


The text is a primary source of information. At the beginning it is difficult to write selling texts, but it is possible and necessary. Just write what you would say if a client came to your office.

Hopefully this short article will be useful to you. If some questions arise, feel free to contact: Call or e-mail