How to promote new sites

After the updates of search engines, a lot of people are interested in one question, how to promote the new site the best, what we need to do to avoid sanctions and doesn’t fall into the black list.

It should be noted that there is no a particular solution and can’t be. Every SEO has his own methods and techniques of their promotion. In this article we will try to  share with you our experiences. Let's start with the priority of search engines. There is a quality of text and all content as a whole, their natural, smooth and steady growth, socialization of the project, internal optimization and behavioral factors. In fact, this is just a list of the highlights of the promotion new sites which should be noted.

Let’s consider more detail.

High-quality content - the basis of all bases.

The first thing that we recommend to our  customers after the launch of their website is to load very own unique content. This means:

  • writing texts with his own (or just order at good content manager, 100% unique texts);
  • to make new photos(for example, the same good,if it’s possible);
  • remove the small video clips about yourself, products or services (you can shoot even from your phone);
  • write a description of the goods and services,at least  in two sentences, but from yourself and on business.

All of this takes time and effort but the result will be worth it.The next thing is that  all content on the site must benefit not to the site,in order to advance, namely the user of this site and eventually to the  customer.

Only such content is considered to be of high quality, the growth of the search engines will be assured  for a long time. The times of  re-optimize, keyword stuffed text helped untwist sites are in the past. Modern algorithms search engine are aimed more on the convenience of the site's functionality, informative, and easy socializing. The more attention you put on quality content of  the site, the better  your search engines will rank your project and bring it to the top.

Natural links - adrenaline for the site

When you start a new site just in desire to raise it in the search results it can lead to many banal purchase links to various resources. Of course, no secret that buying links is very useful and necessary for the treatment of newborn site, but only if you take it step by step. You should keep in mind that search engines are constantly monitoring the backlinks, and if for any particular keyword will be large and rapid increase in links, then sooner or later you will be blacklisted search engine.

You can solve this problem in several ways.The simplest and most correct will be a gradual and slow growth reference weight, and the more difficult, but more rewarding is a complex event to attract natural links mass. It consists of the hard work on analysis of competitors  to determine the anchor plate. Then creating the growth mechanism of the natural links mass. For example, an online store, you can come up with discounts for users who will put links to those or other products on their pages on social networks to recommend your store or write reviews on thematic resources, and similar actions. The thing is, the more customers you will be able to engage in a constant life of your site, the more credibility you earn from search engines.

Slow but steady wins the race

As already mentioned with reference weight  you must work constantly, but very carefully, which said  to go on a smooth rise. That means posting links is permanent, even if a key request has already hit the top of search results. The solution is to purchase links in small quantities and at a very high quality sites, it is desirable that these links were natural. Also, you need to work with forums and blogs and what is necessary make your blog. For subscribers you can organize a fee for posting your articles on other websites, or if they put a link to your site. This will help you to share links and content. But it is not necessary to collect links from all sites in a row – they need to be chosen according to the criteria of quality resources. Otherwise,it can lead to bad consequence. Watch out for links that lead to your site, because you risk to fall under sanctions search engine. Also,track  the "bad" links can be difficult, but it should be done regularly.

Socialization - the success of the current site

First of all take the most popular social networks to your target audience and write yourself the following items: likes to your domain, or individual pages, tweets, posts, pros, following the addition of friends in the group, the number of subscribers, and more. These  are the main objectives for your development social networks. To reach them is not so difficult. For example, start a blog ,write useful articles and ask your users to put plus, likes and tweet it .Even more, you can put on blogs and social networking pages all the information that is helpful to users (photos, videos, lessons, tips, advice, etc.). In this case, success is assured by 100%. Just add a little marketing and encourages users to actively participate in the life of your project, rewarding them anything you want (discounts, coupons, bonuses, prizes, etc.).

Free, but great advances

Imagine you already have a lot of unique and quality content,on the site is constantly buying reference mass, a mechanism for the active participation of users in the life of a site, you run your blog, etc. Now is the time to do the site itself and to transform all that is already done on the site to the source of additional traffic, and the stimulus of growth. To do this you should set the meta tags (title, keywords, description),also create an internal linking between pages, remove duplicate page if possible, fix the code of the site and remove all the unnecessary pages and broken links. Competent internal optimization will reduce costs for promotion several times, bearing in mind that the content of the site will be unique. Details of the internal optimization can be found here:

How the users behave?

Search engines have begun to pay great attention to user behavior on the site, namely, what pages are viewed more than, what is the total failure of a website and so on. All these factors need to collect in a single whole, to make conclusions and to resort  some work on the site. On such way you can improve your resource for users. For example, if you have a basket consists of multiple pages and the button switch doesn’t contain any explanation, the user often doesn’t know what awaits him after clicking on the "Next" button (ideally this should be called the button, such as "Go to payment etc.). In this case, the probability of failure of  78% of purchase. Such small (seemingly) examples dozens. But that's in another article.

Finally,we want to add that to promote the new site is not so difficult, if correct approach to this matter and  give the matter sufficient time. Be patient, double-check everything before it starts, watch for internal optimization, write or buy high-quality content, make friends and subscribers, spare discounts and gifts, buy links and work with their target audiences.