Creating your own online store - is not such a difficult task for nowadays.Including the fact that there are a large number of different ways (web address in the studio, of course if you have money, taking an advantage of any website builder is a more economical option, buy a ready-made solution; and eventually- create your own, if you have the ability to). But we will not tell you which method best to use, it is your own business. We  just share our experience how to make the profitable shop.

So, the most important thing is understood that the shop is not just a website, it's a business and it is quite complicated. Find suppliers, rent building, hire staff, will not be enough in order to store became profitable and could develop.You'll have to come up with something new and interesting for users, something that does not pay attention to the major players of the market. Also, it should be remembered that many of the niches are already occupied and climb back without a clear plan and new ideas does not make sense. The market situation is not so deplorable  and there is a chance for everyone, but you need take into account some of the basic settings which allow your project to get success. Let's look at the characteristics of an online store that newcomers consider unimportant. If properly form, link together all the benefits and small nuances can lead to successfully compete in almost any niche.

Let's start with the fact that our goal - it is the final customer and his loyalty is our capital.

So,the first note: an  internet sales - it's not the same sale of showrooms as believe many craftsmen. Sales on the Internet a little specific and there are so many parameters that distinguish them from offline sales. For example, to go to another store we just have to click on the link and there is no special efforts . And we're not talking about the number of such stores on the web. Well, the prices are usually in the online store are lower than the usual stores sample. We all understand that buying through the Internet much more convenient and easier, but it is often lost one of the components of successful sales- the human factor ( relationship of the seller and the buyer). The problem is that the seller may not notice how the buyers will turn from human to "information about a product number №123456". It is no secret that exactly for these reasons 11 years ago at Zappos the priority number one was the quality of customer service that led them to the top of the industry and become a standard service. That’s why it is necessary to begin with the quality of customer service and it will provide an opportunity to deal with larger players.

What can be done to solve the problem? Start with the fact that your phone number should always be in sight of the customer  and when he calls, the call should be answered promptly. After this you should make your number free for all users. Integrate online chat on the site, make a call back and just using one click,if it’s possible. Then create a page with a description of the ordering procedure, you can do it even with screenshots of the website. You must answer for any client’s question. Also,allow post reviews about a product or store.The last thing  let your managers will be smiling, polite and talkative.

Let's talk about the most trivial beginners mistake – price

Anyway, the price is always set to the same everywhere and in every way affects the choice of customers. How to choose the right pricing strategy for novice players? If we take into account our observations of the behavior of users, there is no single answer. Depending on the market segment, products or services provided to the consumer, or that the strategy brings success. For example, window business. Many companies engaged in the production and installation of double-glazed windows that dizzy nowadays. Our client used the strategy of low prices, which brought him a large number of orders, but he had favorable terms with suppliers, which allowed him to reduce the cost of production. Another customer from the market of hotel business contrary laid emphasis on the functional and productive relationship with customers (all of the above possibilities are displayed on his website). Besides, he created a flexible system of discounts and bonuses.It  was reached an agreement on cooperation with professional call-center and much more. Although, prices of our client was much higher than that of its competitors, it still left a surplus of the business. In our opinion, it is better to stick to the golden mean. For instance, let's create a favorable relationship between the client and the buyer to make a thoughtful and place with all the necessary functionality, select the average price policy, create a number of advantages (it will help you analyze the competition) to provide discounts, bonuses and promotions, collect feedback, etc. .Anyway, the price of major players be lower than you have, for the sole reason that they have more sales, therefore, below the purchase price. This is the laws of the market. Remember, the price - just one of the criteria for making the decision to purchase goods or services.

Oh, these photos

Photos in 90% of cases are a major source of visual contact with the client's product. Customers are unable to touch, hold in your hand and try, etc. That’s why, the better the picture will be your goods the greater the likelihood that customers make purchases.

The goods photo must be in high resolution, in sufficient quantity, for the consideration of the goods from different angles. You can show the goods in a different color. Also, it is important for goods illustrate this process that can be dismantled or transformed, photos from the video, or to provide goods in action. The accompanying video, or 3D-review will be only a fat plus in your favor. The formula for success is very simple "Photo + Video = sell." Your main goal - to show as much as possible goods to the consumer, given that it is limited only by your screen gadget.That’s why, we advise clients to take photos with his own or with help of a professional photographer. So, it will be better for your site visitors and to promoting the site, because,it will be a unique content.

Describing your sleep to me

Many customers complain that goods all times the same,including this writing about it something new and exciting is not obtained, or that it is a very difficult or very expensive. We are convinced that this is only an excuse, and it all depends on the approach to the case. Here the most important thing is not the amount of text, but qualitative component. Description can fit even in the two proposals if we understand that the buyer wants to know in order to purchase this product. A trivial example: card games, the same specifications at all sites plus a description of the manufacturer. But in fact, the most important thing for the buyer is video games and how it will be used.I hope you will agree that a list of several popular games will look more convincing technical description of the video card, or, at least, its complement.It  should be given to the goods descriptions very much attention,of course if  you have the desire, means and opportunity. Because the  brighter and more juicy your description, the more valuable the content to the user, and, of course, certainly for the search engines.

Reviews forever

Buying yourself something, we usually choose from several options for their personal criteria  and then read the reviews about them. On such way do about 90% of  buyers. That’s mean that responses about the goods directly related to the conversion rate of the site. Many of us are accustomed to consult with friends or relatives before to buy something. This feature allows you not only effectively and efficiently to create the right impression about the product users, but, also, greatly affects to the page ranking of the goods and the entire site as a whole. It currently open to users is one of the priorities of the search engines. You can include writing reviews as your own bonus system, such as "write a review get discounts, bonuses," etc.

Tell me about everything in the blog

Keeping a full, interesting, informative, useful and promotes blog is the most important thing for the successful online store. Everything that you want to convey to the user, should be exist in your blog. Also, the blog can also publish videos or photos from the description of various competitions and promotions. Modern blog combines and market news, and news of the online store. Modern blog combines market news and news of the online store.

Blog is the main source of useful and related information. On customer loyalty good blog has a disproportionately positive impact. But don’t forget that not every reader will immediately become the buyer, be patient and write. So,for every niche you can create an interesting blog. For example, if you sell children's products, you can spread a variety of fun videos, write stories from the lives of young customers, telling how they use these products in a fun way.

Finally on the main

This material should help you to identify with the priorities which you,as a novice businessman, considered unimportant. First of all, it is necessary to create a development plan and a phased increase and soon you come upon success.