Adaptive design is a modern technology of sites development, which allows the project to adjust to all kinds of devices, from smartphones and phones to monitor with the highest resolution. Development of adaptive website is a very important aspect in the development and promotion of modern sites.


What are the benefits of such a site for an entrepreneur or why adaptive development of the site is so necessary?

Increasing conversion to 40%

Information on adaptive website is conveniently displayed on any device that allows the user not to think about the choice of the device for a visit to your site. As we all probably already know and see in real life, the number of people using mobile devices and tablets is growing exponentially. Studies of the Internet audience in the past year have confirmed the fact that more than 43% of users every day make purchases in the Internet via portable devices.

Simple to operate

The owner of the site with adaptive capabilities not only increases the number of visitors, but also has the opportunity to work in a content management system. Whatever the information is uploaded to the site, the system will adjust itself and display it in the right size and location on your adaptive site. Reduce costs for service and maintenance of a separate mobile version.

Improving conditions of promotion

You do not need to configure the switch from a primary site to the mobile version using redirection. Considering the fact that browsers are not always able to identify the mobile version of the site and can switch user to the full version of the project it could unnecessarily increase the load time and move to the mobile version, and this complicates the user's interaction with the project and may entail failure. Adaptive website solves all these problems - it will automatically adjust to any kind of devices, cutting off all unnecessary blocks and reducing the amount of information.


Increase your social reputation

If you lead an active promotion of the resource in social networks and you have a separate mobile version, and for each version - different links, then in adaptive site all they're added up. This increases your site ranking in search engines.

Browsers - no problem

Adaptive sites are suitable for all modern browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. No problems with the display and convenience of navigation for your visitors. Only the best and only for you.

Reducing of the production costs

Your expenses for the maintenance and promotion of the two versions of your site are automatically reduced by half. It is very important for the development and growth of your Internet project, especially if the budget is limited.

The market demands more

Do not forget:

  1. The Internet audience is growing from year to year, and in seconds!
  2. Users more frequently and actively use smartphones and tablets.
  3. Most importantly, competitors are not asleep.

So you should think about the idea of adaptive site, than our company is always ready to help